Jeffrey: ‘Football Makes America Great’

Some people believe that there’s a war on football being waged. Daniel Flynn and Merrill Hoge wrote books about it, and Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock says it all the time on his show, Speak for Yourself.

Football America

Fox Sports Hires Michael Vick As an NFL Analyst

Michael Vick caused quite a stir earlier earlier this summer during an appearance on Fox Sports 1, when the former NFL quarterback dared to opine that anthem-protesting quarterback Colin Kaepernick, should get a haircut. Vick suggested the move, as a way for Kaepernick to soften his appearance and put potential employers at ease.

AP Photo John Bazemore

Ray Lewis Offering Prayers for Colin Kaepernick

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis revealed that he prays for anti-American football player Colin Kaepernick and that the ex-49ers quarterback’s name is in his bible.

Ray Lewis Ready

ESPN Loses Subscribers While Rival Fox Sports 1 Gains

For the first time in a few months, Sports TV Ratings has released coverage estimates for the major sports networks. However, given what the release shows, ESPN may want Sports TV Ratings to go back to not releasing coverage estimates.


FS1’s Jason Whitlock: Sports Culture ‘Patriotic’ Not ‘Safe Zone’

Fox Sports 1 analyst Jason Whitlock called ESPN, “EPCN,” citing the Bristol-based sports giant’s slavish catering to political correctness. Whitlock believes political correctness is costing, “ESPN viewers and providing an opening for FS1 to reach red-state viewers mostly ignored by national networks.”