Travis Pastrana Smashes Records, Nails All Three Famous Evel Knievel Stunts

Travis Pastrana
AP Photo/John Locher

Travis Pastrana attempted to jump buses, cars, and fountains at Caesar’s Palace Sunday night in tribute to iconic daredevil Evel Knievel.

Using the hashtag “EvelLive” on Twitter, the event was heavily promoted by the History Channel:

Footage from Pastrana’s latest stunt also made the rounds on the internet:

But of course, all eyes were on Pastrana’s attempt to match three of Knievel’s most death-defying jumps. Fans poured into Vegas from all over to witness the event:

For his first jump, Pastrana jumped the cars. The feat took him a total of 143 feet, beating Knievil’s best by 23 feet:

The next jump saw Pastrana clear 16 Greyhound buses, breaking his own recently set record by jumping 192-feet:

And of course, the stunt the crowd had been waiting for, the fountain jump at Caesar’s Palace:

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