WATCH: Will Muschamp Didn’t Know it Was Election Day, Until Election Day

Will Muschamp

Media availability gives the fans and media a chance to learn things about their head coaches and favorite teams. However, just occasionally, media avails also give fans and media the chance to teach coaches a thing or two.

During Tuesday’s media availability session, South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp answered questions from reporters. Including one particular question, about how he addressed voting day with his team. It didn’t take long for Muschamp to admit he had no idea it was Election Day:

The question is a fair one, I suppose. However, if a major academic institution with a government and public affairs department is going to rely on their head football coach to inform people about Election Day, that seems like a massive failure on the part of all concerned.

Will Muschamp gets paid to win football games, not to teach civics to his players. While he wouldn’t have been wrong or out of line in mentioning Election Day to his players, he’s certainly under no obligation or expectation to do so. His focus, therefore, is right where it should be.

South Carolina takes on Florida at noon on Saturday.

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