WATCH: It’s Almost 2019 and Joe Namath Is Still Kissing Sideline Reporters

Joe Namath

There are certain guarantees in life. Among these are death, taxes, and that Joe Namath will try to kiss any woman with a microphone.

One might have thought that his advanced age would have slowed his smooching tendencies. However, as we saw on Saturday night, “Broadway Joe” seems to be as randy as ever as he kissed yet another ESPN sideline reporter after the Orange Bowl game:


And of course, we all remember the most famous of Namath sideline kissing incidents:

It is interesting to note that in the #MeToo era, where men’s careers are being instantly extinguished over allegations of sexual impropriety, that there appears to be one man impervious to the phenomenon.

Joe Namath.

However, in Joe’s defense, it does appear that he went for a side kiss on Saturday night. As opposed to going for the Suzy Kolber-esque frontal smooch.

So, perhaps the Hall of Famer is changing after all.

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