WATCH: Charles Barkley Says He Would ‘Knock the Hell Out of Drake’ if He Was Still Playing

Charles Barkley
The Associated Press

Rap superstar Drake has made his presence felt during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Complete with taunts to opposing players and shoulder massages for his team’s coach.

However, former NBA star and TNT analyst Charles Barkley said that if he were still playing he would make Drake feel his presence, by knocking “the hell” out of him.

After Milwaukee Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer expressed concern over Drake’s sideline behavior, Barkley and his TNT colleagues not only criticized Budenholzer, but also laid out how they would have dealt with the Toronto native’s antics.

In short, Barkley said he would “knock the hell out of Drake.”


Drake has drawn comparisons to infamous Knicks nag and heckler, Spike Lee. However, at least Spike Lee tended to stay in his seat when harassing opposing players. On the contrary, somehow, the NBA has allowed Drake to roam the sideline at will. Culminating in a bizarre episode during Game 4 when he rubbed Raptors coach Nick Nurse’s shoulders.


If any other person had come within six feet of Nurse, they would have been dragged by stadium security. Yet, as of this writing, the NBA has taken no action against Drake. The NBA is a kinder and gentler league now, than it was when Barkley played. However, if the league doesn’t take action to address Drake’s behavior, there is the possibility that players will.

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