‘Showtime’ Narrator for Edelman Doc Calls Trump ‘Dirty D*ck Stain’

Michael Rapaport

The narrator of Showtime’s new documentary on New England Patriots star Julian Edelman, is the same person who called President Donald J. Trump a “dirty d*ck stain” on Twitter this week.

The Edelman documentary, which debuts on July 28, is narrated by actor Michael Rapaport, a harsh critic of the current president.

His latest tweet about President Trump was on June 24, and featured a doctored photo of Trump, with no nose, and a very wrinkled face, with the words underneath: “Dirty D*ck Stain @realDonaldTrump.”

The Showtime documentary chronicles Edelman’s rise from undrafted Kent State quarterback to Super Bowl MVP wide receiver. It also documents Edelman’s journey back from a devastating 2017 knee injury and 2018 suspension to Super Bowl champion.

The narrator, who aside from being an actor and comedian is also a sportscaster, has a long history of criticizing the president on social media.

On May 29, Rapaport posted a commentary on Instagram about the finding of the Mueller Report which investigated alleged Russian collusion in the last presidential election:

“D*ck stain, dirty f**king d*ck stain. You heard what Mueller said? The only reason you’re not in prison right now you f**k, is because you’re president. You’re the only f**king person who couldn’t get arrested for what you’ve done. You sloppy dog. You committed crimes. You just committed crimes well. Congratulations. You’re a good criminal. You better win in 2020 you fat, sloppy dog, you. We’re going to arrest you and put you in an orange jump suit that is going to match your orange f**king skin. You’re going to be in prison next to El Chapo. That is the kind of criminal you’re going to be next to. And we’re going to get your son, d*ck stain Donald Trump Jr., and you’re daughter, and that f**king mute, f**king junk-yard dog Jared (Kushner). You f**king criminal. You crook. You pimp. You con-man, you.”

On June 14,  Trump celebrated his birthday, and Rapaport had a message for him on Instagram:

“D*ck stain. D*ck stain Donald Trump. It’s your birthday today.  You, f**k, you. What better day is it, than your birthday, then to go f**k yourself. Go f**k yourself on your birthday.”

In the press release promoting the Edelman documentary, Showtime wrote:


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