WATCH: Clinton Crony Declan Kelly Caught Sleeping During Super Bowl

Super Bowl
The Associated Press

It turns out the man seen taking a nap in the stands during Super Bowl LIV in a viral video, is a big time CEO connected to the Clinton family.

The guy caught snoozing is Hillary Clinton’s economic envoy to Northern Ireland, Declan Kelly, an Irish-born businessman, and the founder of Teneo, a Clinton-tied consulting firm.

While many Americans would give up a lot to attend a Super Bowl game, this Clintonista apparently found the game just another opportunity to take a nap.

Indeed, according to the New York Post, Declan was slapped down as just another entitled lib. “I guess these days Declan is asleep-at-the-Super-Bowl-wealthy,” the paper said quoting a source.

Declan’s consulting firm is as connected to the Democrat elite as one can be. Teneo has employed several Hillary Clinton associates, including Huma Abedin, and Doug Band, and even counted Bill Clinton as an “honorary chairman.”

Speaking of Bill Clinton, Declan also helped get Bill Clinton many of his lucrative, multimillion-dollar speaking engagements.

The sleepy privileged ticket holder was also a big Clinton fundraiser, and the vice president of FTI Consulting, the firm that published the report on the purported hacking of Jeff Bezos’ phone.

When he isn’t sleeping during the NFL’s biggest night, he lays his head at his $19 million mansion in the Hamptons.

Super Bowl LIV tickets sold for more than $7,000 on the secondary market, with many seats selling for far more.

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