Seahawks’ Quandre Diggs: ‘America’s Cockiness’ Led to Spread of Coronavirus

Quandre Diggs
Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian

Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs is criticizing the State of Texas as well as the nation for the spread of the coronovirus. It’s all due to America’s “cockiness,” he says.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated published on Independence Day, Diggs not only took a jab at America, he also insisted that the country needs to be cut down a few pegs.

“As a country, as a whole, I feel like we’re just a cocky country that feels like we’re invincible, but we have the most cases in the world,” Diggs told the magazine. “At some point, we need to take that cockiness down, and I think we need to get humbled a little bit and let people know that, ‘Hey, continue to wear your mask.’ I feel like the mask mandate should have been in effect the whole time. If you were going to open up stuff, at least make the mask mandated when people are going to have to go out so you can’t spread it. But when you make it a choice, then you give people the choice not to wear it, then of course the choice is going to be like, ‘Oh, I forgot my mask at home, but I don’t need it.’ It’s just one of those things.”

Diggs was not done calling America cocky. He went on exclaiming, “It’s cockiness. It’s the absolute cockiness of America, of Americans, to think, ‘I don’t need a mask.’ I don’t understand it, there’s nobody taking away your freedom, you’re still able to go walk a street, you’re still able to go into the store — just put a freaking mask on, it’s not that serious.”

The Detroit Lions’ sixth round, 2015 NFL Draft pick has been a frequent critic of his home state of Texas. Diggs claims that the Lone Star State “opened too quickly” after the first round of coronavirus cases hit the U.S.

“My thing is, it’s about protecting others, and as a nation, we’re so self-[concerned],” Diggs continued. “We’re so cocky, and we’re so worried about ourselves and not worried about others and that’s kind of what got us in this predicament that we’re in now, with corona, with social justice, with the police brutality. We have one race worried about themselves instead of everybody just caring about each other. We do our own thing, and that’s kind of what got us into this predicament now.”

Diggs also attacked Abbott for not forcing pools to remain closed throughout the COVID scare.

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