Mike Gundy Surrenders $1M for Wearing OAN Shirt, DeSean Jackson Slapped on Wrist For Antisemitic Posts

DeSean Jackson
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

The comparison is stark between how Oklahoma State University coach Mike Gundy was treated by cancel culture for wearing a t-shirt, and how DeSean Jackson was treated by the NFL for posting anti-Semitic quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler on Instagram.

Oklahoma State football coach Gundy not only lost a year from his contract, and surrendered one million dollars for the sin of wearing a t-shirt from a conservative news station. Meanwhile, the Eagles’ Jackson posted videos by the leader of hate group Nation of Islam, and also posted quotes attributed Adolf Hitler, but all the Eagles did was give Jackson an undisclosed fine.

Mike Gundy caused a stir in June when someone posted a photo showing the coach wearing a t-shirt with the One America News (OAN) cable news network logo emblazoned across it.

Gundy suffered immediate and serious attacks by woke players and Black Lives Matter supporters all across social media over the shirt. And despite his past kind words for OAN, suddenly Gundy was “apologizing” and claiming without evidence that some of the networks’s commentary was “racist.”

Ultimately, merely wearing a t-shirt cost Gundy huge. The school took one year and one million dollars off his contract and one million dollars.

That was all just for wearing a t-shirt.

Meanwhile, the NFL’s DeSean Jackson posted anti-Jewish quotes he thought were made by Nazi German madman Adolf Hitler and also posted video messages from notorious anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan.

Last week, social media exploded when people began noticing the hateful Instagram posts Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was posting.

In the posts, Jackson quoted an alleged quote from Hitler claiming that Jews were lying to America, and posted video messages from hate leader Louis Farrakhan. After a day of controversy, the Eagles put out a mild rebuke of Jackson saying that they had “spoken” to him about the unacceptable posts.

Finally, five days after the original posts caused a stir, the team finally announced that Jackson was to be “penalized” for his posts. Though, that penalty was a mere undisclosed fine for “conduct detrimental” to the team.
The difference in treatment of these two members of the sports community could not be more stark.

Despite not personally expressing any hate for anyone, and just because he wore the shirt from a cable network that woke leftists irrationally hate, Mike Gundy faced swift, loud, and irrevocably condemnation, and lost a tremendous amount of money.

On the other hand, Jackson certainly did express anti-Semitic tropes, disgorged hate for Jews, and reposted messages from one of America’s worst anti-Semites. Yet, his actions were ignored by most and even supported by some current and former NFL players. Not to mention the NFL’s stunning silence and lack of condemnation for Jackson, or those defending him.

Gundy who was immediately excoriated, denounced, and met with harsh penalties for no legitimate reason. But Jackson’s case has been swept under the rug despite his clear and obvious guilt.

This is sports in the age of woke.

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