UFC’s Jorge Masvidal Blasts Kamala Harris Campaign Video: ‘Right Out of Cuban Communist Manifesto’

Jorge Masvidal
James Chance/Getty Images

UFC star and Trump supporter Jorge Masvidal blasted a campaign video by Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris as something “right out of the Cuban communist manifesto.”

Harris recently posted a video purportedly explaining the difference between equality and equity that she narrated herself. In the video, Harris made the absurd statement that “equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

But the candidate’s closing statement on the video drew the UFC fighter’s attention. Masvidal slammed the communist ideal at the heart of Harris’ video.

“This is right out of the Cuban communist manifesto,” he tweeted.

The fighter is intimately familiar with the ravages of Communism as his father escaped Cuba when he was young.

The fighter once asked his father why he fled communist Cuba. His father replied, “They were gonna tell me what my favorite color was gonna be, and who and what I was gonna be, so I decided to go.”

Masvidal has been a huge supporter of Donald Trump and last month he campaigned across Florida on the president’s “Fighters Against Socialism” bus tour.

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