Scholla: While Getting Blasted on the Field, Notre Dame Doubles Down on BLM Support

Notre Dame
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The insane year that was 2020 is finally gone. People are hoping for much better times ahead. But, even though 2021 is here, some things look the same.

On New Year’s Day, Notre Dame took the field to face Alabama in the CFP semifinals. The Irish were never a threat to the Crimson Tide. Bama pounded Notre Dame 31-14 and that score included an Irish touchdown that came in, to paraphrase Marv Albert, extensive ‘garbage’ time.

So, it is indeed a new year, but Brian Kelly is still getting blasted when the games mean the most. Cincinnati or Texas A&M certainly could have done better than Kelly’s crew. Instead, Notre Dame was selected to play in another mismatch because of their name recognition.

Along with another sleepy performance from Notre Dame on the gridiron, the school is also making sure you know they are as woke as ever. As is customary during college sporting events on television, the participating universities show a commercial spot promoting their schools. These ads usually focus on academic programs, athletics, and other accomplishments. Notre Dame’s presentation during Friday’s Rose Bowl included all of those things, but it also showcased the radical group, Black Lives Matter.

The 30-second promo, titled ‘Lend A Hand’ features science labs, a harpist, Touchdown Jesus, and other shots designed to paint Notre Dame in a positive light. There are no spoken words. There is however a clear political statement that shows the world where Notre Dame stands in the culture war.

In one of the clips, Notre Dame showcases a man marching, wearing a BLM shirt. The shirt is emblazoned with the letters ‘BLM’ as well as the logo of a fist. The man, wearing a COVID mask, is marching with his fist raised in the air.

The commercial closes with the words ‘Lend a hand. Create a better world.’ on the screen, followed by the University of Notre Dame logo. In the small print on the bottom of the screen are the words ‘Furnished by the University of Notre Dame’.

Earlier this season, Notre Dame promoted the piece on Twitter. The message ‘In this year’s institutional spot, we take inspiration from an iconic campus landmark and challenge others to “lend a hand.”‘ was tweeted from the Notre Dame official account, accompanied by the left-wing slanted video.

Along with promoting an ‘iconic campus landmark’, the Catholic university is also promoting a Marxist organization that has wreaked havoc on the country in recent years.

Notre Dame proudly supporting Black Lives Matter publicly, shouldn’t come as a surprise. After Lou Holtz spoke at the Republican National Convention this past summer, Notre Dame’s president ripped the legendary Irish coach. John Jenkins took offense to Holtz’ calling Joe Biden “Catholic in name only”. Biden’s ardent support for abortion would lead one to believe Holtz was painting an accurate picture of Biden, but Jenkins felt it was necessary to distance the school from Holtz’s words. Last month, Holtz received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump. Holtz has called Trump the “Greatest president during my lifetime.”

As for Jenkins, he issued an apology for his “error in judgment” after not wearing a mask at a White House event.

Old Notre Dame is clearly taking a hard left in every way.

The once all-American university has also announced it will cover a dozen murals of Christopher Columbus with Native American tapestries. Meantime, some students and professors at Notre Dame are calling for reparations for black and Native American communities. Other students have called for the removal of white authors from the Notre Dame curriculum. South Bend is officially broken.

Two weeks ago, several members of the Notre Dame women’s basketball team took a knee during our national anthem. The wokeness is on steroids.

When the ‘Lend A Hand’ piece was first released months ago, it was met with much disdain from those who support our police and our flag. The fact that Notre Dame is still running it, shows us all exactly how they feel about those people.

It’s a new year. That’s a fact. But when it comes to losing important games to real championship teams and losing fans because of virtue signaling and wokeness, Notre Dame is so 2020.

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