VIDEO: Ref Caught on Hot Mic: ‘I Cant’ F*ck*ng Hear Sh*t!’

Getty Images

Not many people knew there was college football being played this weekend, but there was. However, what made national headlines wasn’t the game, it was a referee swearing like a sailor on a hot mic.

The infamous moment came during halftime of the North Dakota-Southern Illinois game. A contest Missouri Valley Football Conference fans had waited 448 days through lockdown chaos to watch. The moment those fans did not expect, however, came courtesy of a surly ref and a hot mic as the teams were leaving the field.

“I can’t f**king hear shit out this f**king thing,” the ref screamed.

And there you have it.

Fan attendance was limited to 4,000 due to the coronavirus. So, the number of people within earshot of the profane outburst was kept to a minimum. Though, thanks to social media, and, well, media, the meltdown has been played for millions more.

In the end, North Dakota defeated Southern Illinois 44-21.


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