WATCH: Man Beaten Up in Walmart Fight Mistaken for Former NFL Player

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It will undoubtedly come as a shock to many, but not everything you see on Twitter is true.

And in the case of a recent viral video of a large man being beaten badly at a Walmart, Twitter got it very, very wrong.

Twitter was set ablaze Sunday night as video purporting to show former Raiders lineman Bruce Campbell getting beaten by a much smaller man began making the rounds.

The only problem was, it wasn’t Campbell. However, the video is still insane.

The action begins with a large man (who could definitely pass for an NFL player) shouting at someone behind the counter.

“Do something, motherf–ker!” the man yells.

Then the smaller man comes from behind the counter and does several “somethings” that put the larger man on his back.


The Athletic’s Ted Nguyen quickly debunked the idea that the larger man was a former NFL player.

“This tweet from a troll account which was joking started this whole thing,” Nguyen wrote on Twitter. “If you look at the original video which he quote tweeted, there’s no reference to Bruce.”

Still, the video is pretty amazing.

“Campbell played four NFL seasons as an offensive lineman from 2010 to 2013, two with the Raiders and two with the Carolina Panthers, and was briefly a member of the Jets in 2014 but was cut before the season started” the New York Post reports.


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