Tommy Tuberville Tells NFL Rookies to Avoid Talking Politics, Libs Triggered

Leigh Vogel-Pool/Getty Images

Former Auburn coach and current U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R, AL) has some advice for NFL rookies when it comes to talking politics: Don’t do it.

TMZ cameras caught up with Tuberville, who made it clear that activist athletes are something he’d like to see less of.

“Nobody’s looking for an outspoken person,” is the advice Tuberville says he would give his players. who were entering the draft. “We’re too divided as it is.”

Tuberville believes that athletes should stick to the things they know.

Tuberville’s message has been blasted by many on the left as being hypocritical since he was a college football coach before he entered politics. However, that’s also the point; Tuberville was a college football coach before he entered politics. He didn’t subject customers who paid to watch a football game to political demonstrations like modern activist athletes.

If politically active athletes were to retire from their sports careers (or at least confine their protests/activities to events away from the field or their sports platform), few people would have a serious problem with it.


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