ESPN’s Max Kellerman Roasted After NFL Draft Turns Out to Not Be Racist After All


The NFL Draft is a time for predictions, and few predictions garnered more attention this year than ESPN host Max Kellerman’s prognostication that the top three picks would be, “white guy, white guy, white guy.”

Specifically, Kellerman told co-host Stephen A. Smith that his “antennae” would be up because of the tendency for the draft stock of black quarterbacks to fall vis-a-vis white quarterbacks.

“… But the point is the correlation that can be made, is that your status falls, vis-a-vis white quarterbacks, and so that’s why my antenna are up when I notice one, two and three this year – white guy, white guy, white guy,” Kellerman said. “But that may be correct. Like, we need to see in the end … how these guys turn out as pros.”

Well, in what must apparently have come as a shocking moment to Kellerman, the NFL draft did not go “white guy, white guy, white guy.” The 49ers drafted North Dakota State’s Trey Lance with the 3rd overall pick, interrupting the predicted racial trilogy Kellerman had foreseen.

And the internet let him know about it.

In fact, not only did the 49ers draft a black quarterback ahead of the sole, remaining 1st round-caliber white QB Mac Jones, the Bears actually traded up to pick #11 to take another black quarterback, Justin Fields, ahead of Mac Jones.  So, the first round ended up an extremely non-racist white guy, white guy, black guy, black guy, white guy.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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