WATCH: LeBron James Shamelessly Flops After Going Completely Untouched

LeBron James
Getty Images/Zhong Zhi

LeBron James is no stranger to fake controversies, but the flop he executed on Sunday night takes things to an entirely new level.

James, recently back from the longest absence of his career following an ankle injury, was driving to the hoop against the Raptors on Sunday night when he attempted a contested shot in the paint. Nothing happened, mind you, the Raptors defender in no way so much as touched him, but that didn’t stop “The King” from letting out a painful scream and grabbing his head as if he had been head-kicked by a UFC fighter.


Of course, those familiar with James’ notorious flopping tendencies will not be completely surprised by this. The “Chosen One” has had more than his fair share of on-court absurdity.

After all, who could forget this gem?

As the tweet notes, that instance was so bad that James received a warning from the league he practically owns. If it’s any consolation, LeBron’s flopping did not produce victory. The Lakers lost to the Raptors 121-114.


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