First Impressions: Staccato C2 Double Stack 9mm

Staccato C2
AWR Hawkins/Breitbart News

The Staccato C2 is a 1911-style double stack 9mm pistol with a lightweight alloy frame, designed to be an everyday carry handgun.

The C2 features a bull barrel, Dawson Precision Impact Sights, 16-round magazines, and precision-tuned trigger, among other things.

The Dawson Precision Impact Sights consist of a fiber optic front sight and a Charger in the rear. The front sight jumps out at the shooter as he points downrange, enabling quick sight/target acquisition.

The trigger features a ultra-short reset, contributing to a quick follow-up shot in a situation where the concealed or open carrier might be in a life and death situation.

The 2011 G2 grips are classy yet aggressive, featuring a lone star and multiple cuts/serrations that help the gun lock into the shooter’s hand. They future one grove for the middle finger, as it wraps around under the trigger guard, and a smaller grove leading to the magazine release.

These groves encourage muscle memory, helping the gun owner get the pistol in his hand properly and manipulate it in situations where light and/or time are not on his side.

The C2 has an accessory rail running under the barrel. This means the pistol is ready to pair with a host of lights and/or lasers, for use in poor light conditions. (A clear benefit of the accessory rail is the ability to have a light on the pistol when it sits on the table by the bed at night.)

We have put 400 rounds through the Staccato–including rounds we found on the range floor that failed to fire in other pistols–and the C2 has not hiccupped once.

The Staccato C2 is built in Texas, USA, where they proudly build their guns with the goal of “inspiring confidence.”

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