USA Swimming Official Calls UPenn Trans Swimmer’s Wins ‘Grossly Unfair’

Lia Thomas

A former USA Swimming official has branded the mounting record of victories won by transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas as “grossly unfair” to the natural-born female athletes.

On Wednesday, Ex-swimming official Cynthia Millen spoke to Fox News to decry the growing number of records crushed by U Penn swimmer Lia Thomas, who had competed for nearly three seasons as a male on the university’s swimming team before “transitioning” to a female.

“It’s placing women who can never compete with a man at a gross disadvantage by basically … calling this person a female competitor,” Millen said. “He’s not. It’s his body that will always be different and always be faster as a competitive swimmer. And it’s this great illusion that somehow because he feels he’s a female, that he can be a female swimmer. This is grossly unfair to all the women who have worked so hard. Women biologically will never be faster than men.”

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“Bodies swim against bodies. Gender identities don’t swim,” Millen added. “Lia is a man who is swimming against women.”

Millen insisted that male and female bodies are vastly different. Men have the greater lung capacity, and their heart and circulatory systems are stronger, not to mention their skeletal strength. Millen also said that lower testosterone levels did not alter Thomas’ physical structure.

“So every time Lia jumps into the pool, it’s a man who is competing against women. This is grossly unfair,” Millen exclaimed.

Millen concluded by saying that the supposed records that Thomas is setting simply aren’t fair.

“He’s going to be wiping out women’s Olympic records, and it’s not right for women swimmers, and it’s certainly horrible for little girls who are in the sport. They don’t matter,” she said.

Thomas was an unremarkable swimmer as a man on the U Penn team but took a year off before returning this season to compete as a transgender woman on the school’s women’s team. Since joining the team, Thomas has smashed a number of women’s records.

Thomas dominated the 500-yard Freestyle, recently setting an Ivy League record with a winning time of 4:34.06 in the finals. Then there was the new program, meet, and pool record set in the 1,650-yard freestyle in which Thomas surged 38 seconds ahead of the event’s second-place winner.

A recent video chronicling the 1,650 yard freestyle win shows just how outrageous Thomas’ win was:

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