Attorney: Deshaun Watson Has Settled with All But 4 of His Sexual Misconduct Accusers

Deshaun Watson
Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson has settled with all but four of the 24 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, according to plaintiffs Attorney Tony Buzbee.

“Today I announce that all cases against Deshaun Watson, with the exception of four, have settled,” Buzbee said in a statement via ESPN Browns reporter Jake Trotter. “We are working through the paperwork related to those settlements. Once we have done so, those particular cases will be dismissed. The terms and amounts of the settlements are confidential. We won’t comment further on the settlements or those cases.”

As detailed in Buzbee’s statement, one of the four outstanding cases is that of original Watson accuser Ashley Solis, the Houston-based massage therapist who first spoke out against the former Houston Texans QB.

Trotter also included a quote from last week in which Watson left the door open to settling the suits in an effort to “clear” his name.


Whether settling the lawsuits clears his name remains to be seen. Watson has faced a withering hail of criticism for his alleged role in the two dozen cases brought against him. That criticism ratcheted up a degree after the airing of an HBO Real Sports interview with original Watson accuser Ashley Solis, and others two weeks ago. Two more suits were filed against Watson after the airing of the episode, each of which contained graphic and troubling accusations.

Still, while his name or reputation may not be cleared, the NFL, who is currently evaluating what type of punishment they’re going to hand Watson, will likely look at the settling of these cases as a positive development that might lessen whatever discipline Commissioner Roger Goodell intends to dish out.

Reports of possible punishments for Watson range from a six or eight-game suspension to a full year’s suspension without pay.


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