WATCH: Wokesters Slam Troy Aikman for Telling the NFL It’s Time to ‘Take the Dresses Off’

Troy Aikman
Getty Images/Wesley Hitt

Leftists on social media are enraged at ESPN analyst Troy Aikman after he said it was time for the NFL’s competition committee to “take the dresses off” and let the players play football.

The play that sparked Aikman’s comment was a strip sack by Kansas City’s Chris Jones on Raiders QB Derek Carr that was called roughing the passer.

Like Grady Jarrett’s textbook sack of Tom Brady on Sunday, Jones’ outstanding play was just another in a long line of perfectly legal sacks penalized by “over-officious jerks” doing the bidding of lawyers at the NFL offices who apparently want to turn the NFL into a flag football league.

That notion was not lost on Aikman, a Hall of Fame player who played the game when it was still real football and let it be known that it was time to “take the dresses off” and get back to real football.

Leftists on

social media blasted Aikman for daring to speak the truth about the current state of the NFL while making an analogy to women:

Troy Aikman is right. Everyone knows he is right. And the way he said it is more than appropriate. But, unfortunately, in our insane world, being factually accurate is not a safeguard against getting canceled. Also, it is perhaps unfortunate for Aikman that he works for ESPN. Were he still an employee of Fox Sports, a slightly less woke network, he might have more organizational support.

The ultra-woke ESPN is less likely to lend that support.


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