‘It’s Called Christmas!’: Fans Blast NASCAR for ‘Happy Holidays’ Tweet

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

If there’s a sport out there that is doing more to actively disassociate from the fan base that has made it a raging success, I’d like to know who it is.

This weekend, NASCAR took to Twitter a week before the eve of the birth of Christ – a holiday known as Christmas! – and wished their fans “Happy Holidays.” The saying used by all of those who want to say something to address the Christmas holiday without actually saying, “Merry Christmas.”

In addition to the “Happy Holidays” thing, what’s up with ‘To all those celebrating this month?” That’s an extremely awkward way to begin a “Happy Holidays” message. The NASCAR fan base, an overwhelmingly Christain and conservative fan base, reacted as well as you might expect to NASCAR’s attempt at inclusivity.

The tweet is nowhere near Bubba Wallace noose hoax levels in terms of NASCAR wokeness, but it is another example of an American sport trying to ditch the people who made it a success.


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