WATCH: LeBron James Held Back from Heckler Who Criticized His Receding Hairline

LeBron James
Justin Ford/Getty Images

LeBron James is routinely chastised and heckled by NBA fans and usually never reacts. However, on Tuesday night, a heckler in Los Angeles got a rise out of the self-proclaimed “Chosen One” by criticizing his receding hairline.

The bizarre scene unfolded as James and the Lakers headed to the locker room at halftime of a game against their rivals, the L.A. Clippers. The Lakers were in the process of getting blown out by the Clippers 77-54. Then, suddenly, a heckler went after James.

“Hey, Bron! Hey Bron!” the man shouted. “You better get this s*** together!”

The fan continued, “With that receding-ass hairline!”

“Look, he mad!” the heckler shouted. “Look at him! You sick!”

In fairness, LeBron got mad before the hairline comment, but it clearly didn’t help. Also, in fairness, the heckling clearly didn’t hurt. James scored 46 points, but it ultimately made no difference as James, and his hairline lost to the Clippers 133-115.


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