Rich Eisen Blasts Harvard, Penn, MIT for ‘Unacceptable’ Testimony Over Antisemitism on Campus

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Longtime sports commentator Rich Eisen took a few minutes to opine on matters non-sports related during his sports talk show on Wednesday to take a hammer to the presidents of top colleges Harvard, Penn, and MIT for refusing to take responsibility for the rampant antisemitism on their campuses.

On his The Rich Eisen Show broadcast, he admitted that he was about to “stray out of our lane” when he launched his comments about the testimony that the school presidents gave during a hearing in the House of Representatives about antisemitism on college campuses.

Neither Harvard’s Claudine Gay, Penn’s M. Elizabeth Magill, and MIT’s Sally Kornbluth could bring themselves to criticize the Hamas terror supporters at their schools who have been openly advocating for the genocide of all Jews everywhere and to wipe Israel off the map.

Eisen slammed the presidents for offering “word salad and nonsense” in their weak efforts to excuse the Jew bashing going on daily in their schools.

“Oh, so we have to wait for the genocide to happen before you kick someone off of campus? Is that right?” he asked.

“By just allowing that speech makes people comfortable to commit the genocide. You understand that? By not being unequivocal and saying, ‘Yes, this is a violation, and anybody who violates it is off campus.’ They can’t go to Harvard, Penn, or MIT. By saying, ‘Well, it depends on this, that and the other thing,’ makes them comfortable to commit the genocide,” Eisen said reveals how disgusted he was at the claims of these so-called educators.

“It is the lesson you learn when you walk into museums of tolerance or Holocaust museums around the world, including ones that I’ve been to recently in Berlin, Germany, and Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s the first lesson you learn, and I can’t believe you got to tell these people who lead these institutions of higher learning that,” he noted.

“It’s just really mindblowing to me in this day and age,” he said of the pervasive antisemitism at American schools. “I never thought in a million years that I would never want to send my kids to these schools. Forget that.”

Indeed, the three presidents all insisted that antisemitism and calls for genocide depended on the “context,” and none of them issued any condemnation of the terror supporters in their midst. They also excused their ignoring of antisemitism on campus as some sort of loyalty to “free expression.”

Their appearances and meandering, unacceptable comments were so bad that afterward, they tried to try do-overs and to “clarify” their statements.

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