‘This is What They Should Have Done’: Pastor’s Remake of Controversial Super Bowl Ad Goes Viral

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An alternative take on the He Gets Us ad that ran during the Super Bowl has gone viral and continues to grow. What’s different about this ad?

In this version, the sinners change their ways.

On Super Bowl Sunday, HeGetsUs.com posted an ad meant to “remind everyone, including ourselves, that Jesus’ teachings are a warm embrace, not a cold shoulder,” the group’s website read.

“The ad shows a total of twelve scenes of one individual washing another’s feet.,” Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston wrote. “Most appear to be white people doing the washing. None feature a minority washing a white man’s feet, and some even seem to be telling white Christians not to be bigoted. That last one, in particular, features a white priest washing the feet of what appears to be a member of the LGBTQ community. Another shows an older white woman washing the feet of a scowling young woman outside a Family Planning Clinic as pro-life protesters stand in the background.”

The ad was blasted online – not just for racial implications – but for making no mention that the people getting their feet washed were living in sin, much less issuing any call for them to repent of their ways and come to Christ.

Jamie Bambrick, an associate pastor at Hope Church Craigavon in the United Kingdom, charges the He Gets Us ad with failing to “convey anything of the gospel to the hundreds of millions who saw it.” So, in response, Bambrick posted an ad showing “what [He Gets Us] should have done.”

There is quite a difference between the two ads.

The #HeSavesUs ad features a former jihadist, a former gang member, a former witch, an abortionist, and many others who found Christ after being steeped in sin. This is consistent with the He Gets Us ad in that the doors of Christ’s church are open to anyone. However, where it parts dramatically is where it shows the sinners changing their ways.

Bambrick’s ad received overwhelming praise from Christian influencers, clergy, and laity alike.

As of this writing, the #HeSavesUs ad has over 2.1 million views.


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