al-Qaeda in Yemen

Report: US Officials Describe Yemen as ‘Dire’

CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto reported that a US counterterrorism official he spoke to described the situation in Yemen as “dire” on Thursday’s “Situation Room” on CNN. “I spoke to a US counterterrorism official today who called the situation


Gunmen Kidnap French Woman in Yemen

A French woman in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, has been kidnapped by gunmen amid political crisis and deteriorating security conditions following the takeover of the U.S.-backed Yemeni government by Shiite Houthi rebels, according to various media reports.

AP Photo/Hani Mohammed

The Catastrophic Strategic Consequences of the Fall of Yemen

Iranian control of Yemen gives the Mullahs the option of cutting off the sea lanes connecting the Mediterranean to the Indian Oceans. This is a very real threat, as the Iran-backed Houthi rebels consolidate control over Yemen. Most of the West’s oil and most of Western trade with the Far East depends on these sea lanes.


Flashback 2014: Obama Touts Success Against Al Qaeda in Yemen

On September  10, 2014 during his “Presidential Address on Islamic State Threat,” President Barack Obama held up the counter-terrorism battle against al Qaeda in Yemen as the perfect strategy model for how he is planning to defeat ISIS. Obama said,