Alan Greenspan

Fed Former Chair Greenspan: Brexit Paves Way for ‘Gold Standard’

Although former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the UK referendum to leave the EU was a “terrible mistake” that led to a “terrible outcome in all respects,” he now expects “Brexit” will cause an inevitable return to the “gold standard.”

Alan Greenspan (Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty)

World View: Reader Comments on ‘The Big Short’ and the Financial Crisis

Contents: ‘The Big Short’ today versus ‘The Three-Penny Opera’ in pre-Hitler Germany; Reader comments on ‘The Big Short’ and the financial crisis; Readers’ personal experiences with the financial crisis; A parent of Generation-Xers describes his experiences; Alan Greenspan recognized the bubble in 2005, but won’t admit it

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Greenspan: ‘Coin Toss’ Where Oil Price Will End Up

In an interview with Bloomberg earlier this week, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan commented on oil prices and the functionality of the OPEC cartel. Partial transcript as follows: GREENSPAN: OPEC is no longer the modular producer, and as far