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Tsarnaev’s Bloody Boat Jihad Message Introduced At Court

The trial of surviving Boston Marathon jihadi Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has included much discussion of the boat he was hiding in when the police took him down. Tsarnaev wrote a message on the inside of the boat, which is somewhat difficult to read because it is punctuated with bullet holes and bloodstains.

AP Photo/Jane Flavell Collins

Turkish TV Station Fined for Joke About Allah’s Butt

“Don’t point with your finger. God is everywhere, and with your finger you could be poking Him in His butt.” This dialogue from the Turkish version of the French television comedy Ah Biz Kadınlar (“Ah We Women”) just garnered its television station a fine from the Turkish state– not for its reference to an unsavory body part in a religious context, but for the use of the Turkish word for “God” rather than “Allah.”

CALT / Téva

‘Allahu Akbar!’: Extremists Praise Paris Terrorist Attack Online

Following the bloody carnage that ensued after at least two masked gunmen opened fire on the the Paris-based offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12, supporters of ISIS (Islamic State), al Qaeda, and other extremist groups took to Twitter brandishing their praise for the killings in the name of Allah.

A second bullet hole shows how many shots were fried. Credit: Twitter

‘Allah is the Greatest’: Islamists Celebrated Charlie Hebdo Attack on Social Media

Radical Islamists and supporters of jihad on social media used Twitter to celebrate the three gunmen who killed twelve people and wounded nearly a dozen others at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France. The attack, a retaliation against the magazine for publishing satirical images of the Prophet Muhammad, received support and justification. All of these accounts talk about jihad and the Islamic State regularly, interrupting their ISIS updates to praise the attack.