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May Refuses to Rule Out Tax Rises Despite Tory Pledge

Theresa May has refused to rule out raising income tax and national insurance despite the Tories “tax lock” pledge in 2015 against increasing the two levies, and VAT. May claimed to have “absolutely no plans to increase the level of


Le Pen: Trump’s Win ‘Victory of the People Against the Elites’

Asserting that a “global revolution” is underway,  Marine Le Pen has said Donald Trump’s victory at the polls marks the rejection of “unfettered globalisation”, in an interview with the BBC. Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, Le Pen said the


How The BBC Stitched Up Cameron With a Fake Quote About Fox-Hunting

Suppose you were a right-thinking BBC journalist, understandably anxious to foment the approved Labour narrative that the Conservatives are the party of rich, out-of-touch toffs, and you were presented with a rare opportunity to interview David Cameron. Which telling question