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Jordanian BDS: Shame on Israel for ‘Contaminating’ the Blood of Palestinian Children

TEL AVIV – A new BDS campaign with the slogan “Shame on you” has been gaining momentum in Jordan, the Jerusalem Post reported. On Tuesday, campaign organizers held a press conference in Amman in which they called for a blanket boycott of Israeli goods and stated their opposition to Jordan’s policy on Israel, saying that “economic war is no less important than military war.”

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PHOTOS: Soros-Backed Bard College Partner Holds ‘Human Chain’ Ceremony Glorifying Terrorists

TEL AVIV – Al-Quds University, a partner of Bard College in New York, held a ceremony celebrating the so-called martyrdom of Baha Alyan, the terrorist who killed three civilians and wounded four more in October. The Palestinian Authority’s “High Commission for Youth and Sports” sponsored the Al-Quds event, which honored the memory of 22-year-old Alyan. He along with another terrorist, Bilal Ghanem, carried out the attack on October 13, 2015.