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Report: Hamas Taps Over 1,000 Terror Operatives To Dig Gaza Tunnels

Hamas employs more than 1,000 operatives to excavate underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio reported Thursday. According to the report, the terrorist organization invests hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in the digging activities, paying each operative

asked Palestinian men smuggle food, milk and supplies as they work underground June 27, 2008 in a tunnel, which links between Rafah southern Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Boycott Israel Stickers Cropping Up On Products Across Canada

The Jerusalem Post reports: TORONTO – More stickers advising consumers not to purchase products made in Israel are popping up across Canada. Facebook posts now show the stickers on Sabra hummus, Keter and SodaStream products, Glutino biscuits, dates and tangerines

A woman holds a giant palestinian flag during a demonstration in Paris on May 31, 2010 to protest against Israel's deadly raid on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza Strip. The sticker on the woman's back reads: 'boycott Israel, a racist state'.

Jordanian BDS: Shame on Israel for ‘Contaminating’ the Blood of Palestinian Children

TEL AVIV – A new BDS campaign with the slogan “Shame on you” has been gaining momentum in Jordan, the Jerusalem Post reported. On Tuesday, campaign organizers held a press conference in Amman in which they called for a blanket boycott of Israeli goods and stated their opposition to Jordan’s policy on Israel, saying that “economic war is no less important than military war.”

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PHOTOS: Soros-Backed Bard College Partner Holds ‘Human Chain’ Ceremony Glorifying Terrorists

TEL AVIV – Al-Quds University, a partner of Bard College in New York, held a ceremony celebrating the so-called martyrdom of Baha Alyan, the terrorist who killed three civilians and wounded four more in October. The Palestinian Authority’s “High Commission for Youth and Sports” sponsored the Al-Quds event, which honored the memory of 22-year-old Alyan. He along with another terrorist, Bilal Ghanem, carried out the attack on October 13, 2015.