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U.S. Indictment Targets Flight-Based Cocaine Smuggling Conspiracy in East Texas

On Friday, a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Texas returned an indictment related to a complex international drug trafficking investigation. The matter focuses on alleged activities surrounding the registration of numerous aircraft by an east Texas company, Aircraft Guaranty Corporation (AGC). The aircraft identified in the investigation were reportedly purchased and operated by foreign corporations or individuals. The Texas/Oklahoma based company was named in the indictment along with other co-conspirators.

Plane Seized with Cocaine in Mexico - N registration - credit Government of Mexico

Clark: Border Activity Contradicts DHS Secretary’s ‘No Crisis’ Message

The speedy re-opening of mothballed detention facilities and new construction projects along the border show the Biden administration knows exactly what is on the horizon. In a press conference on Monday, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas clearly


UN Begins Effort to Transport 300 Asylum Seekers to U.S. Per Day

United Nations agencies have begun efforts to return asylum seekers currently residing in Mexico under the Trump Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) back to U.S. soil. An estimated 25,000 asylum seekers are eligible for transfer under President Joe Biden’s cancellation of the MPP. The UN received 12,000 applications over a three-day period beginning February 19.

Cesar, 35, an asylum seeker from Nicaragua waits with his wife, Carolina, 25, (Right) and his eight-year-old son Donovan to enter the US port of entry to change their asylum court dates on April 6, 2020 at the Paso del Norte International Bridge in Ciudad Jua?rez in the state of …

Texas Border City Grapples with Released Migrants, COVID-19 Quarantines

Lacking federal guidance, local border communities are bearing the brunt of accommodating hundreds of newly released asylum seekers despite the potential public health impacts of COVID-19. In one South Texas community, migrants are not being ordered into quarantine by local officials. Despite efforts by humanitarian organizations to provide shelter in hotels for those migrants who test positive, others are breaking quarantine protocols and leaving the border area to points further inland in Texas.

McAllen Station Border Patrol agents apprehend a large group of migrant families and unaccompanied minors near Mission, Texas. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector)

Exclusive: ICE to Release Migrants Further into U.S. — Away from Texas Border Cities

Federal law enforcement sources report that Border Patrol agents will now rely on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to conduct migrant releases when detention space is not available in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. Migrant releases coordinated specifically by Border Patrol directly into border communities will be a last-resort option. Border Patrol officials are instructed to conduct the local releases only when ICE cannot cope with the level of arrests made by the Border Patrol.

Central American migrant families recently released from federal detention wait to board a bus at a bus depot on June 12, 2019, in McAllen, Texas. (Photo by Loren ELLIOTT / AFP) (Photo credit should read LOREN ELLIOTT/AFP via Getty Images)

Texas 911 Call from Suffocating Migrants in Tanker Truck Goes Unresolved

Late Monday evening, a frantic caller informed San Antonio 911 operators that he and other illegal migrants were trapped in a tanker truck somewhere near the city. In a few short sentences, he tried to describe the conditions faced by approximately 80 migrants. A recording of the call clearly reveals people in the background gasping for air.

Illegal Immigrants in Cargo Truck

Clark: Effects of Halted Border Wall Construction Echo Across U.S.

There is a common saying, “when America sneezes, the world catches a cold.” I also believe when the border region sneezes, America feels it. Whether you are building a border wall or plan to discontinue the work, the impacts are felt far from the construction site.


Border Patrol Relies on Texas Towns to Test Released Migrants for Coronavirus

The City of Brownsville, Texas, is administering voluntary COVID-19 tests to migrants recently released from Border Patrol custody. Although the first round was limited to pre-existing supply, the City later received an additional 10,000 test units from the State. Each costs approximately $100. The City of McAllen also received a shipment of 10,000 units for similar needs.

Guatemalan immigrant Marvin is checked by a physician's assistant before receiving a COVID-19 swab test at a clinic on May 5, 2020 in Stamford, Connecticut. Marvin and his son Junior were re-tested to see if they are now are negative, a month after getting sick from coronavirus. Marvin's wife Zully, …

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Large Migrant Group in Mexico Boards Train for U.S.

A large group of migrants, most likely seeking asylum in the United States, were spotted heading north via a rail route known as La Bestia. The train departed Tierra Blanca, Guanajuato, and will likely arrive at the U.S.-Mexico Border within days, according to Breitbart Texas sources.