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80 Migrants Convert to Christianity in Mass Baptism

At least 80 migrants in Hamburg have converted to Christianity from Islam in a mass baptism, but some question their motives. In German Father’s Day is celebrated every year, not on the same date but rather on the Thursday 40


Muslim Shopkeeper Murdered After Wishing Christians Happy Easter

A well-known Muslim shopkeeper has been murdered hours after wishing his “beloved Christian nation” happy Easter on social media. Another Muslim man has been arrested for a “religiously motivated” crime, police confirm. Asad Shah, from Glasgow, Scotland, was an Ahmadiyyah

Asad Shah

Even in Italy, Christian Converts from Islam Live in Fear of Reprisals

Recent reports suggest that over a thousand converts to Christianity from Islam currently live in Italy, but hide their conversions for fear of retaliation from the Muslim community against themselves and their families. A 55-year-old Egyptian chemical engineer who now

Displaced Christians in Mosul AP