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Train Hero Spencer Stone to Receive Purple Heart

Spencer Stone, one of three American heroes who thwarted a terrorist attack on a crowded French train last month will receive the Purple Heart on Thursday afternoon in the central courtyard of the Pentagon.

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France Opens Terror Probe Into Train Attack

France is to open an official terrorism investigation into the attempted train attack that resulted in three Americans, a French-American and a British businessman tackling Ayoub El-Khazzani as he pulled a weapon. French prosecutor François Molins said the El-Khazzani’s internet

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Prosecutors: El-Khazzani Watched Jihad Video Before Train Attack

The man—who tried to attack passengers aboard a high-speed train to Paris only to be taken down and hogtied by courageous American, British, and French men before he could claim a single murder victim—has claimed he was only interested in robbing the train with some guns he happened to find in a suitcase in Brussels.


Train Jihadi Laughs at Links to Terrorism, Claims He Found Weapons

Defeated railway jihadi Ayoub el-Khazzani has been claiming he wasn’t embarking on a murder spree at all, when he emerged from the bathroom of a high-speed train in France with an arsenal of weapons and 300 rounds of ammunition, only to be tackled and beaten senseless by heroic passengers.

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