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Communist China Fawns over Visiting Governor Gavin Newsom

Chinese state media on Monday gushed over visiting Governor Gavin Newsom of California, praising the “sincere and warm” Democrat for his “deep connection” with China and hoping his week-long trip would “play a positive role for bilateral ties.”

California governor Gavin Newsom (R) speaks on the state's experience in combating climate change with professor Gong Peng at the University of Hong Kong, in Hong Kong on October 23, 2023. Newsom is in Hong Kong before heading to the Chinese mainland for a weeklong trip focused on climate action …

China Plays Both Sides in Sudan Conflict, Hoping to Swoop in with Investments Later

Voice of America News (VOA) reported on Tuesday that while the international community is nervously monitoring the brutal war between factions of the Sudanese junta and scrambling to deal with the ensuing humanitarian disaster, Communist China is moving full speed ahead with plans to “advance its own interests” in Sudan’s oil and mineral resources.

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Belt and Road Victim Zambia Sees Finances Implode After Early Pension Payout

The Zambian government passed a law on April 17 that allows citizens to cash out up to 20% of their pensions early. The resulting hit to government finances as claimants raced to pull some $300 million out of the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) is threatening to topple Zambia’s finances, and endangering a debt relief deal it has been working on since 2020.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (Left) meets Zambia's President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (Right) at the Great Hall of the People on March 30, 2015 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

China Promises to Pour Money into Rebuilding Post-War Ethiopia

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang vowed on Friday that his country would invest heavily in the “post-war reconstruction” of Ethiopia, which recently exited a two-year war between its government, supported by neighboring Eritrea, and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

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