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NBC’s Cris Collinsworth Savagely Attacks Bill Simmons on Twitter

When celebrities send and delete a tweet, in most cases they go into the cyber ash heap of history for a very good reason. In other cases, the premature deletion of tweets constitutes a national tragedy. Fortunately for us, for these exact cases, we have screen save.

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Watch: Ben Affleck Goes Ballistic Over ‘Deflate-Gate’

[LANGUAGE WARNING] On Wednesday, Bill Simmons debuted his new HBO show “Any Given Wednesday.” The former ESPN personality welcomed actor Ben Affleck, and the two discussed the New England Patriots and “Deflate-gate.” Affleck called the investigation a “smear campaign” against


Obama Wants to Own NBA Team, Compares Self to Aaron Rodgers

In a fawning interview Bill Simmons conducted with Barack Obama for GQ, the president lets readers know the inside-baseball secrets of his sports-minded mind, including his desire to own an NBA franchise, his belief that he and Aaron Rodgers share a kindred unflappability, and his disbelief that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell makes $44 million a year.

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Bill Simmons Accuses ESPN of Pimping for NFL

Bill Simmons, the former ESPN commentator let go by the network on May 8 one day after he ripped the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell for concealing the contents of the Wells Report regarding Deflategate, ripped his former employers on his new podcast.

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ESPN Wants Keith Olbermann to Shut Up

ESPN reportedly told Keith Olbermann that if he wants to keep his sports program on ESPN then if he can no longer engage in commentary.