#California Secession

Jerry Brown State of the State 2017 (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Jerry Brown Wishes He Ran for President in 2016

Is California Governor Jerry Brown preparing to run for President against Donald Trump in 2020? Today, as I listened live to his State of the State address, I couldn’t help but thinking that Brown sure sounds like he wishes he ran in 2016.

Fuck Trump riot (Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty)

Fake News: Left, Media Predict Violence — and Blame Trump

There they go again: California Democrat operatives and activists are ginning up more “fake news” about violence they hope to blame on the election of Donald J. Trump — and journalists are taking the bait.

The Associated Press

Trump’s Tech Pal Peter Thiel Backs #Calexit

#CalExit just received a big boost from an unlikely source: Peter Thiel, billionaire tech buddy of President-elect Trump. In a “Confirm or Deny” interview with the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, the 49 year-old Thiel confirmed that he believed California should secede.