G7 Leaders: Vote Brexit And The World Will End

Just when you thought the scaremongering couldn’t get any worse, the leaders of the G7 nations have weighed in with their verdict on Britain’s EU referendum: apparently if the UK votes Leave it’s going to kill the global economy.


Britain MUST Leave The EU Says David Cameron’s Strategy Guru Steve Hilton

The EU is “arrogant and unaccountable”; EU membership makes Britain “literally ungovernable”; the EU is “anti-market” and “stifles competition with its statism, corporatism and bureaucracy”; it’s “perfectly obvious to everyone” that the EU is incapable of reform; Britain will be

steve hilton

Jeremy Clarkson Chops Off His Own Balls

Jeremy Clarkson has just lopped off his privates in public. It wasn’t an edifying sight. I’m trying to think of an analogy that captures the enormity of what Clarkson has just done. In terms of sheer cringeworthiness, I suppose it would be

Jeremy Clarkson speaks at the Sunset pageant 'The City Salute' hosted by the City of London at St Paul's Cathedral on May 7, 2008 in London, England.

EU’s Juncker Rules out Brexit, Says No ‘Plan B’

(AFP) – European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker refused Tuesday to entertain the idea of a British exit from the European Union, saying there is no “plan B” ahead of talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Juncker, head of the

Jean-Claude Juncker

Cheer Up, Everyone. Cameron’s Victory Means Our Side Won

What a fussy lot some of you are. Last week, the left in England experienced one of its most stunning reverses since Margaret Thatcher crushed the Miners’ Strike. We saw the defenestration of George Galloway, Ed Davey, Vince Cable, Ed


How The BBC Stitched Up Cameron With a Fake Quote About Fox-Hunting

Suppose you were a right-thinking BBC journalist, understandably anxious to foment the approved Labour narrative that the Conservatives are the party of rich, out-of-touch toffs, and you were presented with a rare opportunity to interview David Cameron. Which telling question


Health, Immigration and Economy Top Three Concerns for Voters

Health, immigration and the economy far outstrip other issues in terms of importance to voters, a new poll by YouGov for the Times Red Box has found. However, the pollsters yesterday discovered that issues come second in voters’ minds to


Cameron Dropped Key Immigration Proposal to Appease Germany

David Cameron’s plans to cap the number of migrants from the EU coming to Britain were dropped from a key speech after protests by Angela Merkel, Government sources say. The German Chancellor, who is meeting with the Prime Minister in