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Hillary Clinton Hires Daughter of Planned Parenthood’s President

As Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defends Planned Parenthood from the fallout over its baby part-selling scandal, the mainstream media conveniently ignores one very important detail: the Planned Parenthood president’s daughter is a top Hillary campaign operative.

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Rand Paul Blames Hillary for Syrian Refugee Crisis

GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul spoke Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” placing some blame on Hillary Clinton for the Syrian refugee crisis Paul explained that Clinton’s policies while secretary of state have contributed to the current migrant crisis and called it a “bad


Ken Burns: America Racist, Donald Trump Birtherism Alternative to Using the N-Word

Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns told host John Dickerson he believes America is still a racist nation, and those who have questioned the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate, namely, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, have done so as an alternative to using the N-word.

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