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Watch: SNL Pays Tribute to Obama — ‘Don’t Go!’

“Saturday Night Live” ended its first post-Obama show with Cecily Strong, later joined by Sasheer Zamata, singing Lulu’s “To Sir, With Love” as tribute to the former president. At the end, the two offered up a mug to Obama that says, “World’s

This week's "Saturday Night Live" on NBC opened with hitting …

SNL Mocks Trump Surrogate in Cold Open

This week’s “Saturday Night Live” on NBC opened with hitting GOP front-runner Donald Trump surrogate Scottie Neil Hughes and Trump himself over his issues with women with a parody of Hughes’ CNN interviews. Cecily Strong, playing the role of Hughes, lampooned Hughes


SNL’s Killam as Trump: ‘I’m Just Like You, a Regular Joe, But Better’

During the cold open of the season premiere on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” Taran Killam opened impersonating GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump alongside his wife Melania, played by Cecily Strong. Killam’s Trump first talked about his foreign policy, saying”clearly” he