Signing high-speed rail track (Gary Kazanjian / Associated Press)

California High-Speed Rail Loses in Court — Again

The California High-Speed Rail Authority will have to obey the state’s environmental laws despite a federal board’s ruling that federal laws supersede them, according to a decision by a panel of Ninth Circuit judges on Wednesday.

Jerry Brown Obama farm (AFP / Getty)

California to Seize Farms for Jerry Brown’s Water Tunnels

The State of California is planning to use eminent domain law to acquire hundreds of farms in the Delta for a controversial, multi-billion-dollar underground water tunnel project proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Capitol Dome, Sacramento (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

CA Democrats Shut Down GOP’s Water Storage Bills

California Democrats in the State Assembly’s Natural Resources and Transportation committees voted down a trio of bills on Monday designed to prioritize water storage and recycling projects amidst the state’s devastating four-year drought.