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Representatives from 175 Countries Do the ‘Climate Hustle’ at UN

Earth Day’s news coverage of the “historic” ceremonial signing of the Paris Climate Agreement featured representatives from 175 countries walk up to the stage in the General Assembly hall at the United Nations headquarters in New York, sitting behind a desk on the podium, and adding their signatures to the book.

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The EU is to Blame for Britain’s Flood Disaster

Northern Britain has spent Christmas being inundated with floods of “biblical proportions”.  For green activists like Bill McKibben this is obviously another consequence of man-made climate change. And the politicians agree – not just left wing ones like Hilary Benn but


Britain Loses Top Energy Rating After Slashing Subsidies

(Reuters) – Britain has lost its top-notch energy policy rating from the U.N.-accredited World Energy Council after the government prematurely cut some renewable energy subsidies, creating uncertainty about how it will address support in future. The World Energy Council has

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Sceptical Brits Not Warming To Climate Change Alarmism

British people are among the least concerned Europeans when it comes to claims of climate change, according to a survey of 40 countries by the Pew Research Centre. A bare 20 per cent of Brits surveyed are “very worried” about the prospect of impending climate doom, just ahead of caution-to-the-wind

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