Bernie Sanders Calls for ‘New America’ at Brooklyn College Commencement

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) returned to his home stomping grounds on Tuesday to deliver the keynote speech at Brooklyn College, where he reiterated his commitment to dismantling the “corrupt political system undermining American democracy” and called for the creation of a “new America based on progressive” values and the achievement of other tenets for which he rallied during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Bernie Sanders gives commencement address at Brooklyn College on May 30, 2017.

POLLAK: Hillary Clinton’s Sad, Sore Loser Speech Shows America Dodged a Bullet

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued her “sore loser” tour on Friday, telling Wellesley seniors that they were graduating “at a time when there is a full-fledged assault on truth and reason,” and likening the Trump administration to “authoritarian regimes throughout history.”

Hillary Clinton at Wellesley (Darren McCollester / Getty)

Georgetown To Honor Pro-Abortion Commencement Speakers

Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning in the United States, will honor advocates of abortion during its commencement ceremonies this coming weekend.


Maher to Berkeley Grads: Avoid Groupthink! Fight Climate Change!

Comedian Bill Maher delivered his long-anticipated and controversial speech at the University of California Berkeley winter commencement on Saturday–and it turned out to be a rather conventional liberal address. Though much debate surrounded Maher’s views on Islam, he largely avoided the subject, instead telling

Bill Maher / Reuters via Fox News

Berkeley Graduation: ‘Dear Admin, Don’t Maher Our Commencement’

BERKELEY, California — A group of student protesters at Berkeley managed to get their message of disapproval for Bill Maher in plain sight of the comedian during the winter class of 2014’s Saturday commencement. Six protesters, each holding up one

Bill Maher protest (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)