Watch: Cuban Americans Tell Their Grandparents Fidel Castro Died

Cuban families across the United States reveled in telling their older relatives this Friday that dictator Fidel Castro had died, with some posting reaction videos of their parents and grandparents hearing that the man who forced them out of their country could no longer persecute them.


Carnival Backtracks After Lawsuit, Will Allow Cuban-Americans on Cuba Cruises

Carnival Cruises has agreed to rescind its policy of not selling tickets for its newly-announced Cuba cruises to U.S. citizens born in Cuba. Should Cuba ban these individuals from docking, Carnival has promised to delay the program’s maiden voyage. This represents a change in policy following a civil rights lawsuit filed against the corporation.

Tourists lie on the beach as cruise ship Carnival Magic is seen near the shores of Cozumel October 17, 2014. REUTERS/STRINGER

Peggy Noonan’s ‘Bitter Clingers’ on Cuba

Peggy Noonan’s praise for the Obama administration’s new Cuba policy has one particularly ugly paragraph that demands its own response. (I posted an initial criticism of her overall column on Friday, and this one paragraph has bothered me for the better

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