FNC’s Juan Williams Attacks Pro-Trump Cuban-American Voters — ‘Not Comfortable With a Woman as a Leader’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-panelists Kimberly Guilfoyle and Juan Williams reacted to the minorities, particularly in the state of Florida, that had voted for President-elect Donald Trump in Tuesday’s election.

Guilfoyle noted out Trump had outperformed these voter compared then-GOP presidential nominee former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) in the 2012 presidential, to which Williams suggested it might have something to do with those voters being “not comfortable with a woman as a leader.”

Partial transcript as follows (relevant portion begins at 9:30 in the video):

GUILFOYLE: We got a lot of people of color and minorities that are supporting him .

WILLIAMS: Well, this is .

GUILFOYLE: . even in Florida, 45 percent of .

WILLIAMS: This is a good point.

GUILFOYLE: . Cuban-Americans came out to support him.

WILLIAMS: Well, what I noticed.


WILLIAMS: Biggest surprise to me.

GUILFOYLE: . if you look at the exit polls, you’re going to figure that out.

WILLIAMS: Biggest surprise to me. And I think this comes back to the gender gap thing we were talking about a moment ago. Hispanics, 30 percent support for Trump, exceeded what Mitt Romney did .


WILLIAMS: . with Hispanics. How about Asians, 30 percent support for Trump, exceeded what Romney did. So this comes back to what I was saying to you .

BOLLING: Can I throw one more at you?

WILLIAMS: I think — well, hang on. I just think this has to do a lot with culture. I think, especially with Cuban-American community, they don’t — they’re not comfortable with a woman as a leader.

BOLLING: All right. Let me throw you one more. It doesn’t has to do —


GUILFOYLE: Wow. Now you have insulted all the Cuban-Americans.

BOLLING: No gender politics, whatsoever.

PERINO: (inaudible) all our taxes.

GUILFOYLE: Oh my, gosh.

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