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Phil Robertson: ‘Depravity Has Become Mainstream,’ America Must Turn to God

“Duck Commander” Phil Robertson spoke with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Daily on Wednesday, talking about “Torchbearer,” a forthcoming documentary on how America’s Founding Fathers understood that turning to God in obedient faith is essential to the United States—or any country—flourishing as a just, prosperous, and peaceful nation.


Citizens United President: Boehner ‘Saw the Writing on the Wall’

“John Boehner has served admirably in the House of Representatives for 25 years or more and has been a pivotal person serving from the time of Newt Gingrich’s revolution until today. I believe that he saw the writing on the wall,” David Bossie of Citizens United told Breitbart News in an interview after the news broke Friday morning that Boehner (R-OH) will resign from Congress at the end of October.


Citizens United: Federal Judge’s Denial of Preliminary Injunction ‘First Step in Lengthy Process’ To Protect Privacy of Members

The comment came in response to a federal judge’s decision denying the conservative group’s request for a preliminary injunction to “enjoin the New York Attorney General from enforcing his policy of requiring registered charities to disclose the names, addresses, and total contributions of their major donors in order to solicit funds in the state.”

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Citizens United’s Bossie Says Trump’s Second Place Showing in New Fox Poll Shows GOP Conservative Base ‘Desperately Looking for Leadership’

“I think these polls, whether at the national or state level are showing that the conservative movement that makes up the Republican party voter base is desperately looking for leadership. They are desperately looking for the anti-politician, anti-Washington candidate, someone who is going to come in and be a leader,” Bossie tells Breitbart News.

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