David Kendall

Sen. Grassley Grills Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer About Security Clearance

Senator Grassley asks a few less obvious, but very interesting, questions beyond the basics. For example, he asks a straightforward question that the Administration has thus far been reluctant to answer: does Hillary Clinton still have an active security clearance?

Hillary Clinton Holds Campaign Forum At Trident Technical College In North Charleston, SC

Is Hillary’s Long-Delayed Server Surrender a Head Fake?

As for that thumb drive, current reporting suggests it contains only the 30,000 or so emails Hillary Clinton didn’t decide to classify as “personal correspondence” and destroy. Up until a few days ago, Clinton World assured us her lawyer David Kendall was also a super-spy with all the security clearances necessary to handle the former Secretary of State’s email.


State Department Can Still Keep Two Hillary Clinton Emails

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has finally seized Hillary Clinton’s emails, including her “Top Secret” correspondences from her tenure as Secretary of State. But hold on: The State Department still has the authority to withhold two of Hillary Clinton’s

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall