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Thomas Sowell: ‘Gun Control Zealots’ Bring Everything but the Facts

On October 13 Hoover Institute senior fellow Thomas Sowell addressed the way “gun control zealots” fire up the cameras and microphones, grab a set of pre-established talking points, and a social media machine second to none any time there is a shooting they might be able to leverage for more gun legislation.

Gun Control Rally

Study: Self-Defense Gun Use Is a Myth

On June 17, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) released a study claiming widely accepted and academically verified numbers regarding annual defensive gun uses (DGUs) are mythical figures based on “exaggerated claims” from the “gun lobby.”

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HuffPo Writes Off Three-Quarter Million Defensive Handgun Uses

Following a pattern similar to one we’ve seen in Slate, Politico Magazine, and The Washington Post, the Huffington Post is now contending that guns are used to shoot and kill bad guys only about “450” times a year, and the NRA mantra about good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns is plain hogwash.

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WaPo: Guns May Serve Defensive Purpose, but CDC Must Confirm

On January 16, The Washington Post (WaPo) reported that guns may serve a defensive purpose—that defensive gun uses may be slightly higher than 3 million each year—but we will not know until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) begin their research into guns as a public health issue.

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