Man Allegedly Grabs Woman from Behind, Flees When She Puts Gun to His Stomach

A woman points a blank gun at the photographers camera at a weapons shop in Frankfurt, Germany, 08 January 2016. Retailers have noted a massive increase in sales of weapons which do not require a license in recent times. Photo: BORIS ROESSLER/dpa BORIS ROESSLER / DPA

A suspect in Sterling Heights, Michigan, allegedly grabbed a woman from behind then fled when she pulled her concealed carry handgun and pushed the barrel against his stomach.

The incident allegedly occurred “near 15 Mile and Van Dyke” during evening hours, as the woman was walking her dog.

According to Fox 32, Sterling Heights Police Chief Dale Dwojakowski said the woman noticed a van park up ahead of her and leave the engine running. The unidentified woman told police, “That’s kind of odd—that time of night, why is this van running? And it’s a black van with no windows.”

The woman said she noticed a suspect get out of the van and that he “started walking parallel to her.” She instinctively reached under her coat and put her hand on the handle of her gun. Then the man disappeared.

Suddenly, the man reappeared and was coming right at her. Chief Dwojakowski said, “He grabbed the back of her jacket and tried to grab her and pull her towards him.”

The woman drew her handgun, put the barrel against the suspect’s stomach, and said, “I don’t want to kill you.” At that point the suspect fled the scene. He is described as “a black male in his 30s, medium build, clean shaven, with a scar on his upper lip.”

This incident is critical for understanding defensive gun uses (DGUs) in America, as many DGUs prove successful merely by brandishing a gun rather than pulling the trigger. On February 17, 2015, Breitbart News reported that Florida State criminologist Gary Kleck reaffirmed his estimate of a minimum of 760,000 DGUs in America each year. He first began working on this estimate on 1993 and it has yet to be refuted with empirical evidence.

A large portion of these 760,000 DGUs are instances in which guns are justifiably brandished to stop crime, without the trigger ever being pulled.

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