Pride: Gay Celebration Trashes Newly-Renovated Dolores Park

Dolores Park (Buster Benson / Flickr / CC / Cropped)
Buster Benson / Flickr / CC / Cropped

San Francisco locals are still reeling after last weekend’s Gay Pride celebrations saw Dolores Park trashed by revelers.  The park was only recently re-opened after an expensive renovation.

Heaps of garbage were scattered across the new sod as locals struggled for euphemistic ways to explain away the antisocial littering habits of the tolerant and earth-conscious.

The San Francisco Chronicle blamed the timing of the event, and the park’s design: “Larger crowds due to last Friday’s Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling, smaller cleanup crews and a lack of trash receptacles all contributed to this year’s littering.” It also appeared to cite public preferences: “…some park-goers prefer to let others clean up their mess.”

The contractor assigned to clean up the park told the Chronicle: “We had promised that we would have Dolores Park back in shipshape by noon on Sunday and it was.” However, the reason for the public’s behavior remains unexplained.

Tea Party rallies, by contrast, pride themselves on cleanliness: the lack of litter after large Tea Party events has become a point of pride.



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