‘Silent Disco’ Hits San Francisco

silent disco

Thursday Scores of celebratory San Franciscans, dancing to synced headphone tunes, joined in a trendy silent disco for the re-opening of San Francisco’s $20.5 million remodeled Dolores Park.

After receiving 18,000 RSVPs for free loaner headphones as part of the silent disco event, all further replies were denied, according to The Daily Clog. The choice of a silent disco was intended to invoke the spirit of Leave No Trace, the Park’s website posted. Participants were given headphones to hear the music, dancing commenced and to all those without headphone-piped sound the look was rather curious.

The Silent Disco craze has spawned companies based on the concept. The Clog refers to one named Silent Storm. History of the fad was said to date back at least to headphone concerts of the 1990s with The Flaming Lips; however, may have deeper roots where, “eco-activists held silent discos in an attempt to limit their noise pollution.” Though the true origin is said to be uncertain.

Today music festivals use the events as a novelty state the Clog, referencing events at Bonnaroo.

The Dolores Park revamp includes large swaths of fresh sod, new bathrooms, added bike parking, new and renovated sport courts and irrigation upgrades.

A meeting held in May addressed resident concerns over Dolores’ “party problem.” Park attendance was up to some 10,000 people a weekend at that point and an excess of trash is now costing San Franciscans an estimated $750,000 per year to clean up Mission Local reported.

Vandalism to the park during the construction process cost at least $100,000 according to information on the park website.

“Up now is the a non-traditional silent disco dedication ceremony, hosted by Rec and Parks and HUSH. Rangers have amassed, and the eco-shamers are out in force, too,” wrote SFist of the event. “The gender neutral bathroom game is also strong.”

Governor Jerry Brown’s water reduction mandate and pressure to install drought resistant landscaping didn’t appear to reach the lush grass of Dolores Park.




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