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Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Alabama Makes It Illegal to Remove Confederate Monuments

The new law attempts to preserve history by making it illegal to remove monuments that have been in place for more than 40 years. The Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017, signed into law Wednesday by Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey

Lynching Memorial

Confederate Flags ‘Selling Like Crack’ on eBay

Confederate flags are “selling like crack” on eBay although the online auction giant announced it would “prohibit the sale” of the flags following the June 17 attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Vocativ reports that one seller–Paul Riley–sold enough

Confederate Flags for Sale Grace Beahm, AP

Statue of Jefferson Davis Banished from Prominent Display on UT Campus

On August 30 the University of Texas (UT) removed the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis from its pedestal in front of the school’s famous clock tower, banishing it to 18 months out of the public eye before it will be placed in a less-prominent history collection indoors.

Confederate-Symbols-Davis-Statue Eric Gay AP

Dylann Roof Manifesto Reveals Racist, Neo-Nazi, Anti-American Beliefs

What is believed to be the manifesto of Dylann Storm Roof–who on Wednesday night committed mass-murder against members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church–revealed that the 21-year-old held deeply racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist views.


Watch: Prayer Circles Form After Church Shooting In Charleston

Individuals gathered together to pray on the streets of Charleston, South Carolina after a shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. A prayer circle gathered at King Street and Calhoun — Lainie Fritz (@lainiefritz) June 18, 2015 Impromptu prayer Circle